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How to Use Our Pigment

1. Put some amount of dry fine ground pigment, few drops of gum arabic solution and some waters.
Gently fold the pigment into the binder with the palette knife, mixing as much as possible before adding more binder. Ground the pigment/binder mixture in a circular motion with a glass muller or mortar and pestle. If the paint is too stiff to mull smoothly at this point, add more binding mixture.

2. Mix until all of the pigment was incorporated and the mixture had a yoghurt-like consistency.

3. The amount of binder required depends on the pigment used, as some pigments require more water or binder solution than others.

How Long to Mull the Pigment

Milling process in making paint depends on the pigment. Some pigments, such as natural earth pigments, have larger pigment particles and require more time to mull finely than others. There are a couple of things to look out for, when testing handmade watercolours.

If the dried paint is dusty and smudges when you run your finger over it, this indicates that there isn't enough binder in it, and it requires a little more binding mixture and mulling.

If the paint is very shiny or cracks when you

Typically, the pigment mulling process takes 15 to 30 minutes to get a homogeneous mixture

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