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Mineral Waste


Application on Textile

Founded in 2021, RekaLagam is an organisation working to scale up natural colouring production through mineral and plant-based pigments. RekaLagam pigments was launched on 8th August 2022, at Kyomi Space, Dago, Bandung, along with a showcase of work from 10 local emerging artists and brands whose practices converge at the intersection of art, craft, and design.


The fashion industry is the most polluting in the world. Unfortunately, one of the most polluting industries is the chemical usage in textiles. Forty-three million tonnes of chemicals are used annually to dye and treat our clothes. There are 8,000 different chemicals used to manufacture clothing, as noted in our 2019 Toxic Textiles report. RekaLagam tried to take part as a company that responded to the issue of waste generated from mining, agriculture, food, and forestry industries. That "zero-valued" waste has become our raw materials, and we make that waste valuable through our extensive research. Working with natural materials, RekaLagam combines traditional process methods with sustainable technology approaches to create one-of-a-kind pigments for paper, textiles, ceramics, etc.

We also show how knowledge, creativity, and innovation can drive transformation in all sectors of society to enable this new relationship to develop, redefining sustainability in terms of all life on earth. Eventually, RekaLagam aims to scale up to meet and collaborate with the significant players in the textile and paint industries while contributing to the environment.

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